2 NEW 30" Monster Puppets w/ Puppet Skit Book to Help Children Memorize & Apply God's Word! 12 Weeks of Puppet Ministry Bible Verse Skits


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In this package you will be shipped two 30" Monster Puppets and emailed a PDF of our book "Monster Book of God's Love & Salvation Bible Verses - Puppet Skits to Help Children Learn, Memorize & Apply God's Word". These fun and interactive puppet skits are designed to help children memorize God's word and give them an engaging experience that they will carry with them for life. The puppet skits are low-prep and extremely easy to perform. Twelve weeks of Bible memorization!

About the puppets: New full-body professional puppets stand about 30 inches tall. Insert your hand through the bottom of the puppet to operate the mouth. Included is one arm rod per puppet which can be clipped to either hand for movement.


Meet the Monsters...

Break the Chains & BELIEVE - Acts 16:31...

Forget about it; Jesus is the Way - John 14:6...

Cross Over Today - John 5:24....

For God So Loved the World - John 3:16...

Monster Strength - Exodus 15:2...

Eternal Life… Got it? Get it? Good! - Romans 6:23...

An Old Bed & a New Heart - 2 Corinthians 5:17...

Hairy People Must Confess - Romans 10:10...

Sin & Toenails - Romans 3:23...

Rollin' with the Rock - 2 Samuel 22:47...

Sing it! Shout it! Tell it! - 1 Chronicles 16:9...

Tell ALL - Psalms 9:1...

A sample of one of the skits:

Break the Chains & BELIEVE - Acts 16:31

Moe: Today we’re going to be talking about some monster chains.

Harry: Like some big gold chains that you wear around your neck? Some bling-blang?

Moe: It’s bling-bling and that is not the chains that we are talking about.

Harry: Uhh, what were we talking about? I forget.

Moe: How surprising...

Harry: What’s the surprise?

Moe: I’ll tell ya. The Bible tells us that there was a big surprise for two men named Paul and Silas.

Harry: Those guys were put in prison for telling people about Jesus. Hey, those guys were put in chains too. We should tell the kids about those chains.

Moe: Gee, Harry, ya think?

Harry: Well yeah, Moe. Even though they were chained up and thrown into prison, they would not stop praising God. They were praying and singing all night.

Moe: The other prisoners were listening to them, and then something monsterly happened. While they were singing, the earth started to shake, the prison door swung open, and everyone’s chains came loose!

Harry: Ooooooo, The prison guard is in trouble! Make that a double!

Moe: Yeah, when he saw that door open, he was so scared about what the king would do to him that he took out his sword and was about to kill himself with it!

Harry: Oh noooo, I hate that part. Don’t tell me. That is scarier than monsters hiding under my bed.

Moe: What do you mean? You are a monster.

Harry: But I still don’t want any hiding under my bed.

Moe: Well don’t worry. Nobody escaped and the guard didn’t off himself. Paul yelled out to the guard. He said, dude, don’t hurt yourself, we are all here, man!

Harry: Uh, I don’t remember it quite like that.

Moe: Well I monstered it up a little. The guard fell down trembling before Paul and Silas and asked them what he must do to be saved.

Harry: What did they tell them?

Moe: They replied, "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household."

Harry: Hey, that sounds like our Bible verse, Acts 16:31.

Moe: That’s because it is Acts 16:31.

Harry: Wow! Whatever happened to the guard?

Moe: He brought Paul and Silas over to his house to eat, and he was so filled with joy because he and his family were saved.

Harry: Uhh, I wonder what they ate?

Moe: Food, Taco Bell, maybe.

Harry: Food is my favorite.

Moe: Lets learn this verse. Repeat after me.

Harry: Kids, you repeat the verse after me!

Moe: Acts 16:31…

Harry: (repeat with kids)

Moe: They replied, "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved…"

Harry: (repeat with kids)

Moe: "…you and your household."

Harry: (repeat with kids) I still wonder about it though.

Moe: What’s that?

Harry: I wonder what they ate. Do you think it could have been pizza?

Moe: You know what?

Harry: What?

Moe: I’m going to hide under your bed tonight. (exit)

Harry: Noooooooooooooo! (exit)

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